This week I did…stuff? Ostensibly? Mostly just playing around with the pattern wallpaper thing. So far it really doesn’t work very well at all, which is a bit disappointing. The dials and knobs are too fiddly, and I’m not getting results I like, so it’s not looking good for this stupid thing.

Same deal with blur on wallomatic, actually. It’s…good, occasionally? And other times it’s just kind of a blurry mess (obviously) that hurts my eyes. I wanted something, oddly enough, with a lot of banding, but it isn’t really working out very well. Will try twiddling a bit more before giving that feature a swift kick in the teeth.

Which is kind of a funny side-issue on its own. It works pretty well on a few of them, all the time, but a lot of them it just really doesn’t jive. Is it better to not have it at all if it mostly sucks? That’s what I’d think, but what do I know?

Work continues, slowly but surely, on Bullet Heck. I’m doing some of the Game Center nonsense right now, filling out leaderboards and achievements, because every game needs ‘cheevos! I think a lot of the features are pretty much done, until they’re, uh, not. Welcome to gamedev!

Lastly, I’m still playing around with luxe engine/snowkit/whatever the hell. Still neat, and trying to wrap my head around components and entities and how to get everything to be aware of each other and play nice. The list of “things I need to make a game” is probably shorter than I think, and it’s really only the hard things that I need to get worked out.