This week was pretty slow. Most of it was spent fiddling and playing around with luxe and trying different things out. It’s going pretty well, and - hilariously enough - my first sample projects are rebuilding old stuff. I’m starting with bullet heck.

Not really pictured, here, are a few of the things I’m still wrapping my head around. Input works pretty well with just the keyboard, but it might take a bit of effort to get playing nicely on mobile. The mothership-esque thing also rotates to face the player, which is neat.

The good news with all of this fiddling is that I think I’ll be ready in two weeks (yikes) for the next Ludum Dare. I’m getting pretty excited!

The other thing I did was play with a few more generators for wallomatic and try to re-integrate the blurring stuff. I found some information about how to do a good blur, so I can at least tell if I’m getting the ‘right’ answer. Still not sure it’ll ship with blur, but at least I’ve got one problem knocked out. Basically, computer blur is dumb, and you’ll end up with black bands, rather than the averaged color. Obviously, this is bad if you want something to look good.