This was a bit of a slow week. I’m still learning about haxe, snowkit, luxe, the works, so there’s not much to show for my efforts (so far). It’s a bit odd, jumping into a completely alien thing, but I’ll get competent sooner or later. Hopefully sooner - Ludum Dare’s right around the corner.

I also did a bit of fiddling with the wallpaper generators, and finally got around to starting an idea I’ve been kicking around. Wallomatic’s kinda cool because it’s simple and geometric and reasonably non-offensive, but there’s no real art or style to it. It occurred to me that using some simple textures and patterns, tinted, could be kind of a cool project, too, so I’m putting together something that’ll basically do that.

I’m happy enough with the wallomatic UI to pretty much bring the whole thing over. I’m tempted to redo the save button and maybe have some different options. A share thing might be neat - you get to save a wallpaper without the annoying dialog if you also share it to facebook or twitter or something.

Short week, busy week! Yikes. Tired of having colds all the time.