This week was spent partially hating on SpriteKit and partially loving Fastlane. The latter is awesome. The former makes me sad. Bullet Heck was built in SpriteKit, and it’ll probably be my last project built with it, too. Moving on.

Research into snowkit and haxe continues. I’m really liking it, and plan on having some kind of prototype-y thing built before too long. I don’t want to use it for the next Ludum Dare (at least, not before I’ve got a bit more experience using it) but it might be fun to see what I can cobble together.

Spent a bit of time working with those fastlane tools, though, building up screenshot scripts and getting things in line for inevitable, neglected app updates. Pixatronic ought to get some better stuff at some point, and Panic Attack needs to get iPhone 6/6+ support someday.

Er. Suppose The Dungeon deserves all that, too, right? Yikes.