This week was another brisk one. I spent a bit of time hammering at the asteroids in Bullet Heck to make them a bit more sensible and a bit more game-y. Just having a constant, endless wave of asteroids is a bit exhausting so I’m setting them up to do occasional bursts based on the asteroid density of that particular wave.

I also did a bit of work on Wallomatic this week, adding a neat blur filter toggle. I’m always leery about adding twiddlers and settings, but this one feels like a keeper. It was all pretty much inspired by how OS X blurs your wallpaper at the login prompt, so I have Apple to thank! Yay.

I’m still kinda thumping away at learning luxeengine/snowkit and that whole constellation of rad stuff. There’s an Art/Code night this Thursday that I’m hoping to have something playable and pokable, but we’ll see how it goes. There’s not that much stuff to build, but I’ve got kind of a busy week ahead of me.