This week I started digging into Unity’s massive tutorial-o-rama. Cripes, you people loves you some videos, huh? Not a single text/picture intro tutorial in sight.

Most of the effort’s been focused on getting Bullet Heck done and fun. I added a new, silly gameplay mechanic this week that’s already cracking me up. Asteroids can fly in and ruin people’s day now, including the aliens. Should be pretty fun.

Informal playtest feedback has been pretty helpful, too. I’m liking Apple’s new TestFlight stuff. Seems like I don’t have to hound or hassle testers to get feedback these days, which is a pleasant surprise.

Lastly, I started noodling and writing down ideas for the Next Big Scary Thing. I don’t know what I want to build it in, and I don’t really know how I’m gonna do it, but I’m hoping to get that more nailed down in the coming weeks. We’ll see how it goes. It’s sort of procedural-ish and roguelike-y without being explicitly part of either faction.

Short update, I know - I’m still fighting stupid colds and have been majorly low on energy. Tis the season, I guess.