This week was busy, so I’ll keep this brief. Did a bit more work on sounds for Bullet Heck and threw in music, too. Did a bitcrusher pass against it to make things nice and crunchy, but might’ve taken it a bit too far. Will probably tweak it more.

Not quite feature complete yet, but getting there. I’ve got a few more things I want to add before calling it done enough. Someday it might even come out!

That’ll be nice.

Oh. I guess the other thing that’s going on is that I’m getting pretty fed-up with SpriteKit and being stuck on Mac/iOS. I like obj-c (yes, I’m a crazy person) and I’m pretty good at using it, but it’s really limiting in terms of what I can make. I can’t do 4-player couch party games, and I’d like to. There are restrictions with their graphics engine that are starting to piss me off, too. See:

That’s pretty crappy. When does it make sense to do shadows like that? I’d have to do raycasting and silly tricks with zPosition to make it work the way I want to, and ugh. I don’t really have enough time available to spend it fighting with my tools.

Which means I’m kind of in a holding pattern while I fumble and fiddle with a few new technologies. Unity’s on the list just because everyone’s always goddamned talking about it, as is HaxeFlixel and snowkit. Both look neat, and both let me deploy anywhere.

Shit. Maybe I’ll end up making games for Android after all. Brave new world, huh?