This week started out strong with a fairly productive Art/Code night hosted by a local gamedev meetup group. I twiddled a bit on a traditional pixel editor for iOS, a procedural hero generator thingie, and finished it off with more tweaks and work on Bullet Heck.

Bullet Heck might be mechanics-complete at this point. The asteroid stages turned out pretty fun, and they add a lot of chaos that isn’t necessarily detrimental to the player. Still to be done is tweaking parameters with all of that stuff, which is what I’m planning on doing for the next week or so. Still doing general polish/bugfixes/rough-edge-sanding, which happens, uh, forever. Just ask anyone.

Taking a first stab at a silly little bit of story/flavor text at game-start, too. Should be sorta mad-libs-y with a bit of humor.

I probably need to spend a bit of time redoing sounds, too. They’re kind of a mess, and just kinda not good. Jumbled, unclear, nondistinct.

Oh, I twiddled a bit on a new wallpaper idea, too, something plaid-ish or Tartan-esque. Not quite done yet, but it looks kinda neat. Not eye-searing, at least.