Shoot! It’s 11PM, and I nearly forgot to do my weekly progress update!

This week was spent giving Bullet Heck a lot of polish and effort. I improved performance a bit by pushing stuff onto the background and totally redid how audio works. Anyone who thinks they can ship a straight-up, boring SpriteKit game with just the stuff they give you is…well, not me, apparently. I was pleased that the stuff I wrote for Panic Attack slid over pretty easily. It all uses ObjectAL (which is just a wrapper over OpenAL - mostly) so sound hums along happily.

I had the bright idea to test the game on the train one commute home, and boy howdy, did I see a lot of silly little things - things I’ve fixed! Mostly! There are still a few little lingering dumb UI things, but it’s getting closer to ‘done’. Why all the work? Well, there’s a Pitch Party thing this Wednesday, and I was looking forward to showing it off a bit.

I also spent a very, very small amount of time twiddling with a little prototype idea. Basically, it’s sorta-kinda like pong, except with shooting balls? I don’t know, we’ll see if it goes anywhere.