Farva, your suspension…continues. As does work on getting things up and running with the new device sizes on The Dungeon. That work was pretty straightforward. There are still a few little deprecations that I need to deal with (mostly involving Game Center) but hopefully won’t require too much heavy thinking.

As for The Dungeon, most of the work I did this week had to do with general cleanup. I’ve said this in the past, but a few key facts bear repeating: this was my first iOS project, my first independent app, it was written pre-iPad and largely not updated for code quality along the way, and - most importantly - my last day job was a pretty great experience, in terms of seeing what good code ought to look like, and how it ought to be structured.

From that perspective, The Dungeon’s codebase is pretty tortured, but the good news is that it isn’t impossible to fix. It does feel like the last hurrah for it, in all likelihood, but slowly I’m learning not to assume that I’ll completely abandon anything. That does make it tricky to decide on new projects, knowing that there’ll probably be a non-zero support cost in the future, but I can live with that.

I had a couple of neat-ish ideas for wallpaper generators, too. One’ll mimic the kind of trendy soft-blur holiday photo, with floating lights, and the other is kind of a faked-up landscape mesh thing. I’ll get to those eventually, but I’ve been pretty pleasantly surprised at how well the app has done. I’m pretty proud of it, at this point, which means in six months I’ll get to hate it again. Sweet.