My god. Three weeks? Sooner or later the novelty’ll wear off.

Had a reasonably productive week dredging through very, very crummy old code. Panic Attack’s in not-awful shape! The Dungeon is…coming along. One thing I’m going to have to spend some time fighting with is the general style. I did the in-game borders in Photoshop last time. I don’t want to do that again, because it was a massive nightmare.

This time I’ve got a lot more experience under my belt to maybe drop some of the assets for that. A simpler UI might be okay post-iOS 7. Fingers crossed.

Once I get off my butt, Panic Attack’ll get updated. I’ve got some Game Center deprecations to handle and maybe a tile style or two - heck, maybe even a new song!

The Dungeon is gonna take a fair bit more time than that. I’m finally dealing with all of the old, terrible code smell. Cripes, it’s bad. At least I did some work when the Obj-C literals stuff happened. Thank goodness for that.