I’m stuck.

Not physically, at least. I haven’t managed to gain quite that much weight yet. There’s a great pie chart that I reference occasionally and throw at people who want to make stuff. Make things you want to make, that you’re good at making, and that ought to be made, and you’ll do fine.

Except - and this is the part where I get stuck - I think I want to make stuff different than what I might be good at. I’ve had this weird, nagging feeling that I want to make something, well, nonviolent, but also non-abstract. Panic Attack was the former, but not the latter, sadly. I don’t think I want to make a game where you put a sword through someone’s dome, but I’m a little scared that, uh, violent games are what I should stick with.

Hence the stuck. I’ve got plenty of ideas and hooks and things for, well, the kind of thing that plenty of other people are making, only theirs are all better than mine. So do I focus on something I’ll suck at for a long while, or ignore the dumb voices telling me to do something new?

It’s a conundrum, that’s for sure.