On Friday, I shipped another app. Bully for me!

This post heralds the silliness. It’s a wallpaper app! It makes wallpapers!

No, seriously. That’s all it does. I already talked a bit about why I was doing it, and what it was good for, so now seems like the right time to look at the present and future for this thing. To start, this is my first foray into free apps. The other three were paid up front, and, well, so far (after three days) the download numbers aren’t all that disappointing. I’m getting ~50 a day, which is pretty neat for me!

Sales aren’t quite as strong, but, well, it’s early days yet. This wasn’t an app I expected much from, truthfully. It was just something I wanted to use for myself, and the reactions from fairly critical people were all pretty positive. I’m tempted to make it work on iOS 7 as well, given how little 8-only stuff I’m using, too, for anyone nervous about jumping to the latest and…latest.

The other thing I’m aiming for is the occasional rolling release. I actually like writing the little snippets that draw the silly wallpapers. It’s kind of soothing in the same way a quine is, as just a kind of “mess-around, see what you can make a computer do” exercise. My process, more or less, is to poke through minimalist/vector wallpaper message boards and pick up what I like, to see if I can recreate it in pure code. Adding new styles is pretty brain-dead simple at this point.

Long story short: I’m gonna keep making new wallpapers, hopefully a few every month, until I get bored.