New Years’ Resolutions, by and large, are a crock of shit. Most people who make them don’t follow them, and they’re just a fantastic source of guilt for just about everyone. Boring. Write about something else.

This year, instead of making resolutions I won’t keep, I’m just trying to passively do little things that’ll help me as I go. One of the things that took me nearly two weeks to notice was a brief nightly journal. Every night, assuming I’ve done something, I jot down a few sentences, maybe a paragraph or two, into my journal. GTD folks might call it a decompression, or a dump, or a hull breach, but for me, it’s just a way to kind of vomit a few words onto the page.

Another thing, and this is kind of a bigger one, is to just do a little bit every day. It’s hard when you’ve had a lingering, stupid little cold since November, but it’s getting easier as time passes. This might be something like start a refactor of past stupidities, or twiddle with how buttons look, or even crack open a fresh prototype. Any progress is good progress.

These have actually helped me build and keep more momentum, assuming that I manage to keep it up. Only 11 more months to go, though, right? Then I can go back to being an awful person. I can hardly wait!