Okay, let’s get this show on the road. Next year, I promise, I’ll do this a month earlier!

What do I actually want to get done in 2013? Basically, the same plans as 2012 - it’d be nice to actually make something and send it out into the world to get ripped apart. This year, though, I’ve got some new ideas and some different plans.

For one thing, I’ve been working on something based on an odd idea I had over the summer. That’s not quite ready to show yet, unless you’ve been following on twitter, in which case, uh, you’ve seen it. Same with a bullet hell-esque shooter. That one’s a pure mechanical nightmare. There’s also another clone that’s in the works, but way too early to talk about.

The odd thing about all of those? They’re basically clones, with a minor twist. Yes, that’s sort of intentional, for reasons which deserve their own post.

But, all is not boring and dull! One neat thing that I’m pursuing is sort of tertiary to all of this game development stuff. I’ve had a fascination with games for people of different tastes and persuasions - one of my favorite things to ponder is how, exactly, I’d write a game for someone who was visually impaired. I’ve actually considered making The Dungeon easier to play for non-sighted users, but I don’t think any of them would actually want to play it. (If that’s not the case, please yell at me, and I can try to make it happen. Honest.)

So, games for. . .not 10-50 year olds. Who does that leave us with? Well, either slower games, or. . .hm. Early education? Surely nobody buys software for toddlers and pre-kindergarden. . .