This week, I did a bit more work on both Bullet Heck and my luxe evaluation. I was a little bummed out by the wiimote not being a good controller for luxe’s gamepad support, but I’ve got some spare 360 controllers that seem to do great. When I carve out the time I’m going to try to do a kind of physics-based arena Marble Madness kind of…thing. It’s still pretty nebulous but I think I’ve got enough of a hook that I should be able to fake something up.

There was a game demo event thing on Monday that went pretty well. Got a lot of stuff done on Bullet Heck just before, mostly adding text and story snippets. I also managed to fix a long-standing annoyance with the way controls worked. They’ve been kinda stupid and broken for awhile so it feels really good to get them in a confident state.

That was pretty much this week. Someday I’ll be done, though I’m a bit terrified to write out the full and complete ship-task-list. Those are usually pretty disheartening experiences. Don’t forget - when your game’s mechanics are done, you’re nowhere near done!