It’s been awhile, and I’ve been anything but idle, so I figured it’d be a good idea to drop a quick note about the silly things I’ve been up to lately. For starters, I pushed iOS7 friendly versions of The Dungeon and Panic Attack up to the App Store. I also made the latter free for a week - get it quick, folks!

Panic Attack Theme!

For Panic Attack, I also wanted to modernize its look a bit, so I updated my theme a bit. This was actually something I really wanted to do before iOS7 came out, but it didn’t quite make the cut. I regret it a bit now, but I’m glad that it turned out well. It’s kind of hard for me not to use it. Check it out! I also spent a bit of time just doing a little bit of cleanup and polish on Panic Attack. Despite my best efforts and all common sense, I’m not quite done with the poor game yet.

{% flickr_image 9956361644 z center “Shiny!” %}


I’ve also been working a bit on a little SHMUP idea, more or less inspired by Chillaxian, a mellow, groovy riff on Galaxian. Mine goes pretty much whole-hog in the opposite direction, hoping to be a fast, angry, almost psychotic take on the space shooter. It’s also my first foray into SpriteKit. (Hence the quiet - most of the things I’ve been working on have been under NDA!)

And More?

I’ve also kind of started playing around with another little SpriteKit project. Last night was a public Art/Code night thing for the local indie gamedev scene, and I started futzing with. . .well, just look. It’s a bit silly right now, but I’m hoping to make it cooler soon!