Myoosic Myoosic is a replacement for iOS devices. It’s designed to help you choose your music quickly with a focus on albums, rather than songs.

XCBarnacle XCBarnacle is a Mac utility for verifying and adjusting the currently selected version of Xcode. Sometimes things go a little strange and squirrelly when there’s a tooling mismatch: this helps relieve some of that heartache.

Wall-o-Matic Wall-o-Matic is a procedurally-driven wallpaper generator for iOS. It makes pixel-perfect geometric wallpapers at just the right size for your iOS device. Wall O’ Matic also has sliders and toggles to let you tweak things to your heart’s content. And it’s free!

Pixatronic Pixatronic is a pixel editor that lets non-artists make cool-looking sprites with the power of procedural generation. Make silly bugs, killer spaceships or just have fun playing around with shapes and colors. Save your in-progress masks and restore them later, and sync up with Dropbox to keep everything safe and sound.