Half-Bit Software

Pixatronic Manual


The Generate button in the upper-left corner presents a grid of final rendered sprites. If you’d like to save any of these rendered pictures, simply tap the square you’d like to save. If you’re not happy with what’s been rendered, you can either Regenerate and get a whole new screen of sprites, or Clear the screen and go back to your canvas.

Colors and Output

Your color options live in the lower-left corner of the screen. Tapping on a color will select it for use, and tapping again will present an options screen that allows you to change hue randomization and saturation settings. If you’d like one of the four mask colors to, say, always be a shade of blue, or completely unsaturated (grayscale) you can do that here. There’s also a reset button to set saturation back to maximum and re-enable hue randomization.


The tool palette is located along the right side of the screen. The primary tools are below the little blue marker line, while the modifiers and canvas-wide tools live above the marker.

Pencil - Put down a single pixel at a time of the selected color.

Line - This draws a line from your starting point straight towards your finger.

Paint Drop - This fills a shape or a region with the selected color.

Move - This moves the whole canvas around.

Eyedropper - This sets the canvas color to whatever pixel you tap on.

Rectangle - A rectangle is created with a simple drag.

Oval - An oval is created with a drag of your finger.


Mirror Horizontally and Mirror Vertically draw copies of the Pencil and Line tool, flipped across the horizontal and vertical axes, respectively.

Fill Toggle alters how the Rectangle and Oval tools work. When enabled, this fills the interior of your drawn shape. When disabled, only an outline of the shape is drawn.

Undo and Redo are located at the bottom of the screen, and look like happy little arrows.

Canvas options

The canvas options are available via the Gear button at the top of the screen. Tapping it opens up a dialog that will let you change the canvas size, from 4x4 all the way up to 32x32 pixels, and also the horizontal and vertical mirroring settings.

Saving, Loading, Dropbox

You can save your current canvas by tapping the Save button at the top. The Load button just to the right allows you to retrieve any saved masks. Tap and hold one of your saved masks in the load screen to see more options, including deletion.

The Dropbox button will link and unlink with your own personal Dropbox account. Files already created will be uploaded when you link, and anything created while you’re linked will be uploaded, if an internet connection is available. Files live in a special Pixatronic folder inside your Dropbox’s Apps folder.