Half-Bit Software

The Dungeon 2.0.2 Update

The 2.0.2 was submitted last night. I decided to do the app store update in limerick form and post a more detailed list here.

  • Potions now give a little bit of hunger back, depending on difficulty level.
  • The twitter button on the main menu now redirects to halfbitsoftware.com because I’m certain nobody cares about @halfbitsoftware.
  • Minor Twitter text formatting bug fixed.
  • Removed a few megs of unused images and compressed existing images.
  • Added retina splash screen
  • Fixed view screen bug.
  • Wizards now start with more wand charges to make the early game a bit more fair.
  • Animation fix on wand blasts.
  • Fixed minor high scores list issue.
  • Fixed empty name error.