Half-Bit Software

The Dungeon

The Dark Wizard has returned from his long, evil slumber to mess with the poor town of Villageshire. Once again, he’s stolen their only source of magical protection: the Orb! Now, it’s up to a crazy, adventuring hero to fight hordes of deadly monsters to get the dumb thing back and save the town. Success grants rewards beyond your wildest dreams! Fail and they probably won’t even send someone down for the body. Use your wits, skills, training and nerve to overcome the Dark Wizard’s obstacles and recover the Orb!

Choose your Adventurer!

  • Knight: Knows armor, and takes a beating like nobody’s business.
  • Fighter: Great at putting the hurt on fools, and really knows his weapons.
  • Wizard: Rocks out with super rad wands, and loves him some magics.
  • Sage: He actually knows how to read! Wow! Sadly, scrolls are his only friends. :(
  • Alchemist: Master of potions, and not a bad cook, either.
  • Jeweler: A delicate man, able to identify powerful rings and artifacts.
  • Jones: His bravery outweighs his skill. He might be a bit crazy.


  • Seven classes, all with their own individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Oodles and oodles of monsters ripe for the slaying.
  • More treasure than you can shake a wand at! Two wands won’t even get the job done. This is a three-wand kind of deal.
  • Forty levels of adventuring fun. Fun! You can’t beat that!
  • Sling spells, wield weapons, quaff potions, eat food, and vanquish monsters!