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Progress & Quote Unquote

For all (both) of you who’re following my twitter, I called myself out to actually post some kind of progress update by the end of the week.  I sort of/kind of made it, actually, and have a bit more to show for my efforts.  There’s still a little ways to go before I can post anything of real value or progress, but it’s certainly better.  For those of you who like neat statistics: The Dungeon had 78 items, total, in the whole game, though you could enchant weapons to various positive and negative levels.  This new thing I’ve been working on has, so far, 55 weapons, up from 20-ish.  The number for the new game doesn’t include wands, equipment, or various kinds of item-alteration mechanics, so things should be a whole hell of a lot more interesting on the next go-around.

Also, I wanted to mention a really cool blogging/aggregation platform…thing.  It seems to pick a particular indie game developer, then collect a bunch of quotes/images about cool things they’ve done. I’ve enjoyed it a ton so far, if for no other reason than to see how other people think.  It’s very, very easy to trick yourself into believing that you’re doing things the best way for you, but in my experience, slight changes in workflow or style can yield massive improvements in quality or output volume.  This seems particularly relevant given how important it is to break down a game into its mechanics, to see if those are actually fun.  It’d be a terrible waste to build up a ton of art, story, text, or whatever assets, only to have them all clumped onto a boring, shitty game.

That link, because I dun plumb forgot: http://quote-un-quote.tumblr.com/  Tell them I sent you, and enjoy the interviews!