Half-Bit Software

March Update

Well, last month just flew by, didn’t it?  Things have been going pretty well here at Half-Bit, with lots of projects flying in.

First off, I got (more or less) done with an app request for a pantry/shopping list app.  The requester (who shall remain awesome) was actually using Notes and an aggressive amount of copy/pasting to handle this.  Shocking!  Appalling!

So, I wrote an app!  Release date still unknown, it needs a bit of graphical glitz and glam, and I’m not certain the general flow is as precise or sensible as it could be, but it seems to work way way better than poor Notes.

Secondly, I put in a bit more time with the music app and, in just the last few days, made a decent bit of progress.  From the start, this has very much been a project I’ve wanted to make because of the way that I, personally, listen to music.  Easy playlist building on the device and album shuffle are really the two biggies for me.

Mostly, I’ve been cranking away designing the next game in the ridiculous Dungeon ‘series’.  It’s been an interesting process so far, hampered by all of the things I learned doing TD.  Basically, the first one was a bit of a nightmare when it came to asset management/maintenance, so adding new content wasn’t exactly trivial, which is kind of a bummer.  In this one, I’m being a lot more clever/careful about having maintainable content structures, which’ll hopefully let me build in a lot more content more quickly and easily.  It’s been nice so far, having everything be data driven and “just work”.

And, with any luck, I should have some decent looking screenshots of the next thing(s) up here pretty soon.