Half-Bit Software

The Dungeon Returns!

Well, no, it doesn’t.  But that’d be a pretty bad-ass title, wouldn’t it?

So, this is the pseudo-announcement post for something I’ve been noodling on for quite some time.  When I was nearly done with TD (during patches, actually), it occurred to me that a testing platform would’ve been a really clever, no-duh idea, where I could simply drop a particular character into a box and throw monsters at him until he croaks.  This would’ve let me get much better control over balance, instead of just eyeballing and going with my gut.  Early feedback (1.0) was that, at a certain point, the last Gatekeeper was nigh-unhittable, though a fix would’ve been to go back and level up a bit, then try to kill the poor jerk.  This testing platform would’ve fixed that.

And the best part: I’d be able to do all of this using the actual game code, hundreds or thousands of times faster than just playing the game.  Which got me thinking - was that, actually, a good starting point for a new game?  Hell, a few years ago, there was a great fantasy kingdom-building sim-rts called Majesty, where you did something very similar.  You’d recruit heroes, send them on quests, and defend your town from attackers.  Well, heck, something like that could be a lot of fun on the iPhone, right?  Something you can look at for 15-30 seconds, update your dudes, research some stuff, then send them on their merry way, checking back in a few hours later after they’ve done their work.

So, well, that, in a nutshell, is the next idea.  I haven’t come up with a name, or, really, much of anything, but that’s the jist of it.  However, that’s really not the end of the story.  I’m still too attached to the idea of a roguelike, and, after the success and positive feedback of the action/arcadey influence TD had, why can’t I try again?  Why can’t The Dungeon return, only better, stronger, faster?  We have the technology.

The only problem is, it can’t be the same, otherwise people will throw fiery tomatoes at me!  It’d be terrible!  Which means, of course, that it has to be smarter, stronger, better…