Half-Bit Software


I’m not a terrifically big fan of the standard iOS iPod iApp (iThink).  It doesn’t do some things I want it to do, and the things I’m asking it for don’t seem, to me, to be that big of a deal.  Album shuffle, for example.  I want to be able to play an album, straight through, in its intended order, and then jump to a different album at random.  Green Day, for example, doesn’t do as well jumbled as it does linearly.  Pink Floyd has at least one album that suffers in the same way.  Hell, I’d settle just for being able to build playlists on the device without losing my damned mind.  Song by song?  Screw you, Apple!  I want to add artists at a time, or just albums at a time, and then cull songs afterwards!

So, what do I do about these problems?  Piss and moan at Apple?  Whine on my silly blog?  Hell, no!  I write my own damned app that does exactly what I want it to do.  With any luck, one of you out there’ll want it, too.

After all, it’s half-bit software!  Not just games (anymore)!