Half-Bit Software

Happy (Belated) New Year!

Well, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?  I suppose that writing on here more would be a great start for a resolution.  At least two posts a month, preferably one a week, and finally finish that damnable post-mortem, too!  And, hey, while we’re dreaming big, this seems like as good a time as any to talk future plans for actual App Store stuff, and not just this silly (but necessary) community feedback stuff.

(As another aside - how weird is that?  I have a community?  I’ll believe it when I see it!)

So, first off, let’s talk current apps.  The Dungeon recently had a sale over the New Years break, which was pretty great!  Lots of new players, too, which always makes me smile.  The leaderboards broke a thousand players, too, which was also really great.  Honestly, I didn’t even know if we’d ever break a hundred!  Hell, for that matter, I wasn’t even sure if there’d ever even be leaderboards at all!

To me, The Dungeon’s already been a pretty great success.  I learned a ton about the platform, some of the pitfalls, how to handle/manage marketing, and a bunch of other stuff along the way.  I’d always assumed that the development would be the bigger effort, and once it was out there, whew, job’s over, but in hindsight, that was really friggin’ stupid.  I’m looking forward to the next app (or two) being smoother, but more on that later.

The real question is: what’s next?  The list isn’t exactly getting smaller, but I’m getting to the (dangerous) point now where I’m much more interested in moving on to something bigger and better, rather than stay behind to maintain the current product.  There have been a ton of feature requests, but I’ve shied away from doing more or less all of them, due to their general nature.  This app, at its core, is meant to be as close as possible to the original Dungeon of Doom, while still making sense for the iOS platform.  That said, I think that, apart from bug fixes and a few other things (like Achievements, in all likelihood), The Dungeon is more or less complete.  I’ll be going over the big-long-list, just to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything, but unless I hear otherwise, it is more or less a wrap.

That’s not to say that I’m going to just be sitting on my thumbs, of course.  Soon-ish, I’ll have more up here, announcing the next big thing(s).  And, hey, just because The Dungeon might be over, doesn’t mean that the world itself is done and sewn up.  There’s plenty that can be done in there to make it way, way, way cooler!  But that, sadly, is for another day!

Here’s looking at a wonderful, exciting, productive 2011!