Half-Bit Software

The Dungeon 1.1

…is out!  Well, technically, it’s been out since Wednesday, but I’m just catching up now on my writing/community development.  Is a community required before you start developing it?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Which, naturally, leads us to what’s coming next for The Dungeon!  I’m still working through what I’d like to add this iteration, but as it stands right now, here’s what the list looks like:

  • Map/UI cleanup improvements.  I haven’t been happy with the map looking a little gross with non-square levels, so I’d like to work on a way to make that a little better.  I’ve got something in place right now, but I’m not certain that it’s as good as it could/should be.
  • Gameplay mechanics.  Right now, item usage all carries automatic success, but soon, this will not be so!  Non-magically adept classes will have a good deal more trouble zapping wands and reading scrolls.  This means that the classes are going to start playing differently soon, as various characters are able to depend and rely on found gear differently.  Some, in fact, might not be able to use scrolls or wands at all, depending on their stats!  A side-effect, still to be explored, is having a similar set of restrictions on equip-able items.  I haven’t decided one way or another, and I’m perfectly happy doing slow, steady rounds of improvement and refinement with the gameplay formulae.
  • Better tap input analysis.  There’s a remarkable amount of work that goes into figuring out what the player meant to do when you tap on something - is a monster in the way?  Go run over to him and mess the fool up!  Along a diagonal?  Better make sure that there aren’t actually any monsters in the way.
  • Stars!  Everyone loves stars!

More later!