Half-Bit Software

Progress Update! (1.1)

I’ve gotten plenty of feedback on all of the rough edges of the initial release (1.0, yay!) of The Dungeon, but I’ve been staggered by how much people seem to like it.  I didn’t exactly set out to make a crappy game, but it’s still nice to hear that your efforts are appreciated.  With that in mind, I’ve been hard at work pretty much since requests started coming in, and with that in mind, I’m posting a progress update!  Hold onto your asses, ass-holders!

The Dungeon 1.1: Return of The Awesome

  • Now plays on iPad/3.0 devices.  Please note, this does not mean universal app.  I’ll shout long and loud when I start that, so anyone on the fence will know when to jump.
  • Toggleable audio/music.  You just hate good techno, I guess, or awesome sound effects!  Well, this is the update for you!
  • With the previous note in mind, background audio is go!  Think you’ve got better musical taste than me?  Well, good!  Listen to your own stuff!
  • Local/GameCenter leaderboards.  A running tally of your successes and less-cesses.

I’m hoping to have all of this done in the next few days, tested a few days after that, and then deployed as soon as Apple lets me.  Hopefully, this’ll happen on or before the 15th of November.  Fingers crossed, and happy hunting!